Flight Training
Flight Introduction
Are you new(er) to the drone world?  Are you looking to take your new found flight skills to the next level?  Are you wanting to make sure you know exactly what to do so you don’t crash your new drone (again)?  Then welcome to our Flight Introduction training!  It’s very much what it sounds like, an introduction to drone flight and is essentially the in-person version of our “Don’t Crash Course”, as well as a condensed version of our Flight Mastery Obstacle Course.  This is a great training to do either as an individual or a small group.  Although it may be basic in nature, the goal is still to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of take-offs, landing, taking pictures, emergency management, banking turns, and various other helpful skills for any new(er) pilot.  So if you’re ready to go from cautious to confident this is a great investment to launch your drone piloting.   

Topics Covered

  •  Drone Safety
  •  Emergency Maneuvers
  •  Take-offs
  •  Landings
  •  Flight Modes
  •  Drone Basic Functions
  •  Banking Turns
  •  Boomerang Turns
  •  Capturing Pictures
  •  Capturing Videos
  •  Figure 8 Drills
  •  Box Drills


Drones Allowed

  •  Any DJI drone



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