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TopXGun T410

Drone Penyemprot berkapasitas 10L yang dilengkapi dengan berbagai macam sensor dan aplikasi serba otomatis Quadcopter praktis, fitur lengkap Dirancang khusus dengan semua fitur terbaru untuk proteksi agrikultur. Desain 4 rotor (quadcopter) dan hanya memerlukan 1 battery. Dilengkapi dengan Kamera FPV (First Person View) agar pilot bisa memantau langsung kondisi lahan. Intelligent Management System Perencanaan rute

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Emlid Reach RS+

  REACH RS+ Single-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter precision For surveying, mapping and navigation. Comes with a mobile app Surveying with ReachView The most user-friendly software for data collection that is available both for Android and iOS. With ReachView, you can collect and stake out points and control all the features of Reach receivers, such as

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  Teknologi Tilt-Rotor Dengan sistem flight control canggih, stabil  dan menggunakan teknologi tilt-rotor, V200 dapat melakukan perpindahan otomatis antara mode multi-rotor dan mode fixed wing Struktur Ringan dan Kuat Dengan material komposit kekuatan tinggi dari serat karbon dan fiberglass, V200 dapat menjaga kekuatan struktur badan pesawat dan mengurangi beban pesawat secara signifikan Instalasi Cepat V200

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Aerial Mapping



Regardless of whether we’re providing cutting-edge remote sensing services with our advanced, multi-spectral systems or simple traditional color orthoimagery, the quality of our work is what sets Aerone apart from the competition. From our technology to our acquisition and post-processing methods, our team of operators, technicians and project managers focuses on how we can consistently deliver a product we are proud to stand behind. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs because we know every project is unique.

Aerone provides the following aerial mapping acquisition services (including simultaneous collection of multiple datasets):

  • Bathymetric lidar
  • Color infrared
  • Digital imagery
  • Hyper-spectral
  • Lidar
  • Mobile mapping
  • Multi-spectral
  • Oblique aerial imagery
  • Terrestrial scanning
  • Thermal imaging
  • Traditional photography
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